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Thursday, March 17, 2011

LEE ChOnG WeI vs LiN DaN

biarlah cite nie sedikit lapuk  & mouldy..i wanna update it also..hee..nk cite jgk..cecite cecite..wah this words was femes..dah jd trademark when someone wanna tell the story..the others ppl will say this words.."cecita..cecita.." nie sume panangan hantu kak limah balik rumah lah nie..ish2..aku xpernah abis pon tgk movie nie..xtau mn beshnye.. jauh dr cerita sebenar..ok..sue nk cite yg lee chong wei won against lin dan during Badminton All England 2011...on that nite..sue already lie downon bed and hug my pinky bear,..then..i got text from mimie..she is one of the gurl fanactic wif badminton..we are in same boat mimi.hihi.she told me about the match..before that  my eyes are started to closed and my soul seems to flying and leave my body...after got her eyes suddenly bigger and my soul back to my body hihi..whoa..i cant miss this match..i jumped from my bed n run to watch the games...i watch the match with my friends and other student who also love badminton..

memang berbaloi baloi lah sue tgk match seems so easy for chong wei to tackle the match whereas lin dan is not superb like before on that night...chong wei won 21-17 for 1 set and 2set..chong wei menang berturut2 all england..2010 and 2011..yes..i'm pround to be Malaysian..!!!

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