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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Annual LaW Dinner

this is my last dinner as law student..sedih pon ade gak..dah nk abis stdy dah...after this i would not able to attend a dinner as a title of law student...wait...perhaps  after this i'll attend a dinner as a lawyer hihi...(poyo kn..lom abis stdy dah dream day) huhu

the dinner was held on 18th Febuary 2011 at PUTRA PALACE HOTEL, kangar seems not really far away from uum..we drove to went there..the theme for this dinner is WALK IN WONDERLAND..prescribe the theme on your own idea..for me its like fairy tales kot..i do love it!! be a princess at the day..hehe..

at the first moment, i donno what to wear..thingking and thinking..i was decided to wore a pengantin dress..huhu..i wanna be a beauty as i can at that friend and i went to changlung and we hired a dress..ok for makeup i really love it..i was decided to makeup by myself..later, my friends @ besties asking me to makeup them know what..on that day..i was makeup for 5 persons include seems that i become a "mak andam" on that can be my part time make me looks a little different with the others, i add a "purdah"...hee..i wore it for intro part only..then after sat at the table i put it off..coz with it make me difficult to eat lor..hihi.

ok..lets the picture tells their own story..enjoy...=D

p/s:sory kalo xseperti yg diceritakan...xdelah santek sgt kan aku nie kukui..sedar diri lain laggii santek..

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