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Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'm Back People

salam and hye everyone...

gyler lama kan sue xupdate belog nie..nasib baik belong nie belom terkubur lagi..n nasib baik sue still lagi ingat password belog nie..kalo x inalilah jelah jawabnyee,,,hehe,,fuhhh..blowing habuk2 n sapu sume sarang labah2 yg sedia menyemak kat belog sue ni..hehe..almaklumlah lah..dah lama xbuka belog usang ni..

lately sue seriously busy sesangat a chambering student do make my life hethic  and horror..sume cam xterurus je..almost a month sue balik ofis at 9.00pm..just imaging that i woke up early morning and went to office at 8.30am and back at 9.00pm..the  things became worse when i should come to ofis during weekend..madness right..but i cant do nothing..just follow the instruction and order from my boss.

yesterday was my last day that i be at office during weekend..and today i just got flu n body cannot effort the burden anymore.and today .i just slept and get enuf rest at home..pity on me..

i just wonder how's my life gonna be after i be a lawyer..owh man..i donno what to say..just face it..before this i just do conveyancing but on 9 December i was transfer to litigation department..its more challenging and interesting..on January onwards i will go to court and meet the judges and Pendaftar Mahkamah..its will be super experience..

wish me good luck everyone..alright i'll stop here..till we meet again..if i have a time..hee..byebye..salam

p/s:kat bawah nie ade beberapa new photos of mine..checkidaut...=p

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