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Monday, March 21, 2011

BukIt Merah Lake Town Resot

this story maybe a little big  mouldy and stale coz dah lama event nie happened..xkisah lah dah expired ke x..yg sue tau sue by hook or crook sue gonna update dis post..hee

cecite cecita..heee
cam nie..once upon a time..there are a gurl lived in a castle..ok tipu!!cite nye gini..sue n dayah planning wanna have holiday @ join a trip to tambun..unfortunately..the packages for that trip was fulled...we really wanna go somewhere that can release a stress and having fun...(juz lawful place ok)

then after a few discussions & having a board meeting at round table we had decided to spend a day at Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort (BMLTR) Perak..its pretty far away from uum..we take around 2 hour and half to be there..the members of the BMLTR areeee dayah,mimie, nita, amal and of course myself...

we started our journey at 11am..we decided to moving at morning around 9 am..but there r some difficulties happened with the car that we hired for..we'd full the tank of our stomach at tesco mergong..after all of us having a simple breakfast  and being full..we moved on to BM..we arrived there around 2.30pm..and without wasting more time and seconds..we juz turned to the bath attire.."bertukar" hee

yes!!indeed we having such a great time there..we "mandi manda" at there like we never see the water before for a pathetic hehe..juz ignore us..we're sooo enjoyed at that moments..the best part is play with "pelampung"..besh gyler..the place super duper triple awesome!!!

after settled mandi-manda..we walked around there and bought a few souvenirs as a memories...we moved on our journey back to uum..a silly n funny things happened  during our journey back to uum..u know what was happened????OMG..our car juz stopped at the highway due to empty tank of's could this happened while we exactly at the highway..for sure at the highway there are no petrol stations lame....however...thanksss GOD that our car was stopped exactly on the right place where one Chinese unlce standing there...he had been there for help the other car that broke on the other side way..he was offered to bought us a fuel..and he claimed some tips..we agreed with it..instead of being there waiting for PLUS that we doesn't know how long the plus will take a time to come for saving us..and the day was getting dark so we had no choice..tenkiu uncle..u're our savior..=)

after that..we continue our journey...but we juz stopped by at VILLAGE MAll in SUngai Petani,...juz having our window shopping budget lor coz we already spend a lots of money at this moments..i got a text from MR.A mentioned that he had an accident..oh my...when i heard about that my heart juz stop beating immediately...tiiiiiittttttttt like a life machine's sound while a person died...i juz panicked and shocked...he told me that he fine and only got some mood was swing..i cant think properly..indeed...and at that time is my turn to drove the car,,dayah and i rotate drove the car..i can't focus while driving...the ways back seemed very dark and i can't saw properly the way back...however..we really thankful for ALLAH for made our journey safe and goes smoothly..we arrived at uum around 12am..its really late..and all of us getting tired...we had a class on the next pathetic..we have a class on our weekend..oh my..

ok..tired enuf for babbling...have a nice days and there are some pictures of our fun time there..enjoyy..

breakfast at tesco mergong

sempat lagi pose tepi highway..=)

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