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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last friends and i went to jitra mall..we purposely to be there for watching the movie, HIKAYAT MERONG MAHAWANGSA...we arrived at there at 1pm..we had planned to watch movie at 2pm unfortunately, the seat was full..well, on weekend there are many ppl wanna spend their time watching the movie..then we bought a ticket at 4pm..

we haven't take our breakfast pathetic hee..then we drove to radic fc and ate there...after done with our breakfast together with lunch..we back to Jitra Mall..we solat n then watch the movie..

the briefly about the movie..honestly i give 5 stars for this amazing...kru production was done an impressive and awesome job..i think this movie is the super duper best movie action that Malaysian had produced,..

this movie about a guy name Merong Mahawangsa..he is homeless person..he had travel from one place to day..a prince from rom wanted to go China to marry with princess from china..on their way  they was attacked by Garuda ...the princess had been kidnapped by garuda..what happen to princess??did prince get marry with princess??what happen to merong??wanna know the whole story..never miss to watch this movie at ur nearby movie cinema...i tell u what that...u'll never regret spend ur money to watch this awesome movie..seriously..hee

ok few photos on that day..

nota kaki:::we back uum at we had fulfill our leisure time on saturday by watching movie instead of stdy at room..what the ok..sometimes we need a time for enjoy right..hee

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