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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1st entry for 2011

fuh..berhabuk..berkulat...penuh anai-anai..wah byk betol spider..spiderman ade..spiderwomen ade..ape lagi ..xtau nk gambarkan keadaan blog yg dah mcm x berowner dah nie..blow habuk n sapu sume sarang labah2 yg ade kat blog yg disregarded  ini..

nie lah 1st entry tahun 2011..nie pon dah bulan ade entry huhu..lately i'm super duper busy..bzi wif study..bizi body..hee..eh2..xde bizi body ok..nowadays..i prefer to be a silent reader then be a writer..entah lah..malas sgt nk update blog nie..asyik update kat muka buku je @ facebook..

nothing to be story live goes smooth like the wind at the seaside.not like tsunami at japan ok...chewah..everything is under my control..this is my  last sem and last year as a student law at uum sintok..i'll finish my study at end of this MAY..after that i'll continue with my chambering session for 9 months before i be admitted as a lawyer and be one of the member of malaysian bar..cant wait for that moment..

never regret to be a law stdy even at 1st moment i really hate to be here and to take this 1st choice is education..instead of having nothing for my future, its ok for me to continue my stdy with this do loves LAW...but i doesn't want to be a criminal lawyer or involves in a litigation..i do prefer to be a conveyancing or corporate lawyer instead of being a litigation lawyer..i prefer to facing a laptop 25hours and do a paper work rather than facing face of  a judge, accused or other lawyer..hehe.. pray for my success...i also pray for u olls...nite,..

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