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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Study Week

wah lama sue tak update blog kan..bukan malas nak update but i got a lots asimen to do even my final exam just around the corner..seriously sem last ni memang challenging and chaos sikit..

ade ke patut??ish2 tak patut...hee..sepatutnye during stdy week..all the classes supposedly finish altogether..but i still have a last class is fact my first paper is this coming sunday..8th May 2011..oh My..

it seems that i dont enough time to prepare for my battle at the exam hall..hopefully everything is ok and luck is always on my side..what i means by luck here is what i read before exam will coming for my exam questions..hee..hopefully..amin..

this week..sue got 5 assignments to do and need to submit all of them by this week..impossible and not logic right??but that is the fact!! i got MOCK TRIAL last yesterday..its very awesome..i acted as defence counsel defending my client who was charge for committing the murder of MOPIKO..this name was created by my lecturer..MR Athimulam..he is very senior lawyer for criminal..respect of him coz he was handled lots of cases even the high profile the experience during the MOCK TRIAL will be my sweet moments of my life becoz once in my life i was acted as defence counsel for my client..i reality it will be impossible becoz i will not do criminal matters..juz doin conveyancing and civil matter only..

by hook or crook..i need to finish my revision for all subject..for your right know is 5.00am and i still wake up doing my revision..just take a break for a few minutes to update my hilarious blog hee..

ok this is my timetable for final examination for 8 semester..the timetable quit systematic and have a enough gap between the papers compare to my 2 last semester..

JURISPRUDENCE II.................11 MAY 2011
LAW OF EVIDENCE II...............24 MAY 2011

(actually i took 5 papers but for PROFESSIONAL final examination)

dears followers n readers..
kindly..pray for my success..insyallah,..i'll do the same thing to uolss..

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