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Tuesday, May 31, 2011



hye i come to update my blog..for today i want to story about my excitement to undergo my chambering period..someone will be wondering what exactly the meaning of i rights?? ok for those who familiar with the law field..they will definitely know what is means by chambering..CHAMBERING is a period of 9 months that the fresh graduate of law student to undergo before becoming a qualified in order to be qualified lawyer by having a practice certificate, u must by hook or crook undergo chambering for 9 months..chambering also known as pupillage.

as my previous post mentioned about i went for interview session and i got the place for the chamber..few days ago..after i totally finished my study at UUM..i went to KL to attended the interviews..i got lots of interviews..lastly after short listed all the firm..then i decided to undergo my chamber at M/S Shukor Baljit & Partners (SB)'s quite big firm and the website of M/S SHUKOR BALJIT & PARTNERS.

for the first, my aims is to undergo chamber at M/S Nik Saghir & Ismail..i got their offered but they wanted me to start the chamber after i get the transcript from UUM..its will take such a long time for transcript to be issue by UUM..may be around mid of July or early August..owh no..i couldn't be at home for such long time without doing nothing...then i was rejected their offered..

the total amount the firm that i had rejected is 4..may be my luck is at SB..i will start my chamber on 15 JUNE 2011..during interview, my boss told me to start early but i told him that i just finished my studies therefore i need a rest at home for a while..then he agreed with me..

all in all, i really excited to be a lawyer..after 9 months i will totally be a qualified lawyer...all my sacrificed for 4 years being a law student at UUm will be payable/ worth..really thankful for ALLAH ALMIGHTY for giving me this rezeki..i'll do my best during this period and prove that i can be a great and prudence lawyers..amin..with HIS bless..

  p/s:wish me luck readers...=)


  1. congrats Sue!!! best of luck!!!!! i m in dilemma dunno how 2 choose pulak now >.<

  2. tenkiu karming...its ok karming u already got a bigger firm..just follow ur heart..i think better u accept offer by andri kadir..allowance is quite good....kaya u nanti..=)


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