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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~ KL momento~

     last week 30 march, sue g je g jalan2 umah akak..lgpon class hampir sume dah akak ajak g jalan2 umah sis stay at condo sentul petang2 sue teman my niece g swimming pool coz she really addict with the pool..siap ade 5 pelampung..ish2..entah masa mane guna entah lah..hee

    weekend, sue, akak n alin went to sogo..ade sis abis hampir rm 500 dia shoping..n she oso treated me a shoes..sogo ade sales besh..beli cardigan pink satu huhu,..suke sgt cardi nie..smpai basuh pon xjemur kat ampaian takut kn kidnap he..kitaorg g makan kat mahanttan fish market..very delicious..We ordered the Manhattan Flaming Platter for two, comprising deep fried fish fillet, calamari, oysters and prawns served with chips and garlic rice. It certainly did not disappoint. we eat until we feel very full and there are more fish tat we cannot eat anymore..fuh.sue order for drink america ape tah lupe lah plak full name dia..after sis asked for the bill..fuh like be expected rm sis was regularly eat at she invited me to try eat at here..this is the second time i went this restoran. later on, my sis bought a shoes for alin brand disney rm 49..fuh still child but wearing a brand n expensive shoes...bertuah alin..
       sue sempat gak dating dgn apih hee.....xsah g Kl if xdating...hee..sue balik semula uum semalam 6th April 2010 coz today i got my last presentation for this sem..if nope bcoz of this myb i still at KL njoy my honeymoon hgeee..ok lah nie je kot for this moment..xtau nk tulis ape below there are a few pixcha for u all..hee..njoy...=)
                                       tgk my sis mkn xingt dunia niece lak dop posing bikin peace

                                          tgk sue makan emm nyameee..try lah yea..u will never regret
pp ku yg semakin tembam hee

p/s:mls nk upload byk2..tgk jelah yg mereka nk tgk..kalo xnk tgk..close ur eyes..lalalala

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