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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~exam Owh Exam~

jom study...=)

ok..this entry will be simple n padat..

ok esk sue ade exam equity n trust law 2..21hb4 2010 n lusa exam international trade law 22hb..fuh cm nk gyler 

ade dah nie dop menghafal case n statute..

it's choice..shud take it easy..

a few day be a batwoman..

nope slep at nite only at monik bout a few hour..
exam py pasal n nk maintain cgpa..

others subject, the exam will be held
land law 2 --26hb4 2010

pengantar sains sosial ---28hb4 2010

security law --29hb4 2010

family law 2--30hb4 2010

pas2 yahoo..balik kg..

p/s: btw wishing me a big n super luck k..

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