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Friday, February 26, 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Coming of My Future Family in Law.!! OMG…

This is very hot and spicy story that I wanna to share with u all. MY FuTURE in law??? heee..u noe wat I means rite?? That means my bf family visited me during oliday…believe it or not, u must believe it! Its not a  fairy tales hee..ok tis is the full story..that pretty AWESOME!!!
      LAST WEEK,  uum have a mid term break for 1 week only. My bf Oso get his oliday so what more to do???Having dating??Yes!!! tat rite 100 percent hee. its a time for dating! I like tis! we dating for 2 day..i went to his house and met their parent again..b4 this I dunt hv an opportunity to met his papa but tat day I met him..b4 tis I thought he is very serious man, cocky and having moustache like sarjan misai haha..opss I was condemned my father in law..plezZz forgive me yea papa in law huhu..i dunt means it coz b4 tis my bf described to me his papa is like tat but nope lah it bf juz wanna scared me..his papa so nice n funny..thx God, they very nice for me.~very thankful to God
       One day (myb tues or wed not rely remember), my bf told me tat his family wanna went to my house..what??? I so shocked..i cant believe wat I heard at that moments..i thought my bf juz kidding wit me..but is real. No way! How come?..OMG what shud I do??i nope ready for all tis..what shud I tell his family?? I cant said that they shud not  come coz I dunt ready for it . no way!! that very rude…I doesn’t wanna to be a bad daughter in law before I said if they wanna come juz come. it ok n orait for bf not joint his family to come to my house coz his leave was finished already.~ so sad if not he will joint his family~
        There are nothing going on ok..juz social other intention ok (not merisik or searching or  what not) u noe bf never come to my home instead to met my daddy n other sibling except my sis..tat y I very shocked like my heart outside my body heee..It beating never stop..After he mentioned the intention of her family to come to my house..
       Hence, the day has finally come..(19th feb 2010). They are heart beating very fast like after finished my jogging with a speed 180km/j haha( rely not make a sense juz a parabola). I already told my family n others relatives tat my bf family will came. Tat day I prepared a cake and other junk food for them..they talked n chi chat with my family..not touch bout when we getting married ok..lyke I said juz social visiting quick interesting..they talked about the person that they noe and mores..i juz looking n interrupted when it needed..i dunt want acted as “magpie mouth”..hehe a little bit hypocrite..never mind as long as I act in a good manner haha,… after 1 hour, (I guess coz not rely remember) they r back..fuh, a little bit fell very free n roamy here..thx God n evertink goes in right track and nothing goes awesome..btw, at the nite my daddy asked me when we will getting engaged..what???i can’t believe tat the question out from my daddy’s mouth..hehe..i said not sure..myb after finished my stdy if our love still long and not fade hehe..
        My bf oso surprised when his family told him to came to my house..he said myb his family like me so much tat y they wanna to noe  pretty close with my family ( feel very ashamed blusing) proud n be like a balloon  tat flying after blow by wind(quote made by my own,never noe rite o not huhu)  after heard that statement from my hubby hahahaa.. opss forgot to say that for my present for getting a xcelent result for my great achievement in my cgpa, my bf give me bracelet to was very quick long that I want bracelet and now it become a reality.thx dear..tnx so much for u effort to me..never regret for being In love wit u..rely hope that our love will be everlasting and life happily ever after like fairy tales..hee.amin(rely means its deep down my my very bottom heart)
A short poem dedicated to my hubby:
When all things goes wrong,
When the sun arise from the west,
When the moon disappear at the nite,
I can accept that entire thing happen,
But when u disappear from my life,
I cant live anymore..
There is only one happiness in my life,
to love and be loved.

during our date

    p/s: if some1 not satisfied or fell that my story annoying u, plez dunt read my blog so I can post anytink I want.i prefer to treat my blog as my diary...peace..wink..laugh cheers

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