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Saturday, April 9, 2011

i got an interviews!!!

penantian selama seminggu akhirnye berbaloi...setelah seminggu sue bertungkus lumus membuat research kat malaysian bar regarding the names of the firm that i will apply for interview..finally its payable..i just got a phone called from Abdul Raman Saad & Associates this evening mentioned that i must attend an interview session this coming friday..means this 15th April 2011..what i feel??my feeling is about to flying wihtout wings..heppyyy sesangat...ARSA nie one of the most bigger firm in kot..hehe...dia ade 3 branches..kat KL,melaka n johor..lawyers kat sana pon ramai..

then ptg td jgk sue juz gets another called from other firm n they told me that they need a chambering students..and she want me to attend the interview this monday..i said that i cant be there this monday coz i have a class..a i proposed to she for friday..and she that means..i got 2 interviews this coming friday...guys..i need ur help...please pray for my success and get what i want...i really need the firm for my chambering period...wish me luck u all..muachkss...

p/s:muka sedikit skema..coz nk g interview kena lah skema kan hehee..


  1. all the best sue...bnyak2lah berdoa..hehe

  2. dila:tenkiu dila..insyallah i will do the best...amin..

  3. salam...

    moga Allah swt memudahkan segala urusan awak..

    && tq folo my blog...i folo u juga..:)

  4. sekamar rindu..
    salam..terima kasih..mudah2an..Amin..doakan kejayaan saya yea..thnks for followed me back..


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