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Saturday, October 16, 2010

OwH My LoVeLY BloG

sudah lama sue xupdate blog sue nie...sory tau blog...( WONDERFUL RAINBOW OF MY LIFE)
sue still ag syg kat blog sue nie..juz sem 7 nie sue bizi sesangat..xsempat nk berblogger like usual..
this sem very hard for me...i hv a lots such thing 2 settle like to finish my mid term (need read n momories all the case n statute) n more..
all of this be the great obstacle for me 2 write or update my blog..further, sue prefer update status at facebook..coz its more easy to reach on..juz write a simple word is enuf rite hee

i don't noe where to start....coz so weird suddenly after long time not write something at my blog..hehee..
ok never mind, here i want to story wat hepen to me throughout 7th semester as a law student at UUM..
this will be my final year...but i still have another sem..overall i got 8sem to finish my LLB (hons) at this great uNi..

as usually, my sem started will great moments and i enjoyed all the time..on August (if i not mistaken) i was joined a trip went to LANGKAWI..wat a such wonderful place to be visited..frankly told uols that uols will never regret for visit this nice!!i enjoyed every second at there... there r lots of great n a wonderful place..i'm being speechless while be at the sea side during the sunsilk..SUBHANALLAH..indahnye ciptaan ALLAH s.w.t..the place that i had visited are cabel car, PUlau Dayang Bunting, Beras BAsah Island, eagle feeding, Kuah Town n mores..

orait done with the precious moments at LANGKAWI..i'll kept all the moments at there in my memories for entire of my life...its will never fades...

after that..emmm wat am i'd done????think for a while..heee..
orait nothing much special..only went to class n back...done my asimen n all the mid term..
FYI, i got 6 paper law for this sem...i'll cite below..


All this paper are very tuf for me…deeply tell u from deep down of my heart..never mind..i don’t care..wat the most paramount important for me rite noe is to finish my stdy..u noe y?????heheee…

Becoz..becoz….becoz..blusing..becoz..after I finish my more prohibition for me to getting married…I like this..( gedik) hee..nope lah..juz kidding..i’ll not enter to that world (be a wife & mom) if I not get the job & hv my own pocket money..hehee,,(independent women)..
ok now the turn story bout EID
never forget to story bout usually..i woke up early to prepared juadah raya..settle the house..then went to mosque..visited my relatives...wat the interesting part is went to his house..hee...i really really really thankful coz his family is such a kind family..treat me like their own glad...kak long (his sister) gave me a kebaya kaler nice..tenkiu kak long...lebiu sis..hee
on 4th eid, we went to beach...PANTAI CAHAYA BULAN>>great..hee...juz watch out our pix ok..(at fb oso available for those who wanted to c lah..hihi)
wat else i want to story ek...emmm...oh never forget to mentioned dat..yesterday is our 5th anniversary..15 october 2010...we declared on 15 october 2005..we had kapel for such long time..never believed tat we was gone through all this time together...(tampar pp ckt..nk bg percaya aduh sakit..hee) believe it or nope u must believe it...this is the facts and u couldn't change it!!.. all sadness..hepiness..we r alwz be 2gether..settle our prob together...HFZSUE 4EVE (this is our nick name hehe)..hopefully our relationship will remain ever after n everlasting....lebiu..hehee..(blusing)..i believed that we r meant each other...

ok done for this moments...i'll write again after i in a honeymoon mood (good mood) hee...
ok dadaaaa...enjoy my pixcha,.( i'll upload the photo after i post this  story)

* due to long time nope update my blog..i was summaries all wat hapen in my life in one post only...don't read if u fell disturb or annoying with my post..amaran keras dr kerajaan malaysia..hee

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