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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My True Window of LIfe for New 2010

  Now, my life will be ruling with the study, assignment, report, case review, presentation and lots of it!!oh GOD, i never realize that i now in 6 semester and 3 year of my study..Only have 2 semester to finished my study..

As a law student, i can't run away from memories all the fact of the case, principal, act and so on..During mid semester break, I feel so free because my brain can rest from memories anything hehe.,..but now my brain must start hard working again and again..i will face an events that fully with giddy or dizzy time, not get enough sleep time, in a whirl, fuss round find a notes for examination and mores..but I think this situation will be pass by all the student in this wonderful I right???

Last but not least, my result for 5th semester is the unbelievable. This is the best among the best that i achieved throughout my 6 semester..Even i don’t get a Dean List it ok for me because i was try my best during my examination week..Really thankfulness to ALLAH s.w.t...I will not mentioned here my enough for me and certain person knowing my result..i don’t want to be “riak” or show off.

My boyfriend was promised to me that if I get 3.3 and above he will give me a present..and now I’m waiting for his present. He asked me what I wanted for my present. I answered that I want a t-shirt.,he will give me the present during our next dating hehe..cannot be patient to wait for that moments..before this he was give me a note book when I get CGPA above than he challenge me..he is very very good boyfriend coz always challenge me and bit with me in my studies..i became excited and study hard to accepted his challenge and the most important I will get a present when I win the challenge. For this semester, he challenge me to get a DEAN LIST..i think it will be impossible to achieve it..but I will try my best..GOD WILLING amin.

hopefully, this sem will be more exciting and challenging hehe...pray to ALLAH enlighten me and may my life going smoothly and no hard obstacle of time, money and the really related to it..the lastly, i really wish that this sem i will get a flying colour for all subject and with the ALLAH willing to grant me a DEAN LIST spirit hehe..

my subject for this sem: FAMILY LAW 2






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